“Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things." Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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  • Zoom 228May2024 - Dr. Milynn Swofford and Larry Hanby Eye Doc in a Box ministry

    Dr. Milynn Swofford and Larry Hanby joined us on our next Zoom call and share how Parish Twinning Program members can incorporate Eye Doc in a Box ministry in their overseas mission activities.

  • PTPA wants to establish more twinning relationships between Catholic parishes in the
    United States and Haiti, but to do so PTPA needs your financial support. Together with the
    other Bishops of the CEH, I would be grateful if you would consider making a generous
    donation to PTPA.
    Mgr. Max Leroy Mesidor
    Archbishop of the Metropolitan Area of Port-au-Prince
    President of the CEH

  • Zoom 25April2024 - Fr. Joseph Philippe, forming Local Development Committees

    Father Joseph has been a visionary leader in the struggle to eradicate poverty in Haiti. He has been the founder of four ground-breaking organizations over many years: 1988 – the Peasant Association of Fondwa, whose mission is to empower the local grassroots organizations to create wealth in communities; 1994 – Fondasyon Kole Zepól (Fonkoze Bank) to give economic power to the “organized poor” in rural Haiti and to bring financial inclusion and development services throughout rural communities; 1996 – the Congregation of Sisters of Antoine of Fondwa (Fondwa Sisters), who operate the Fondwa Orphanage, a K-12 school in Fondwa, the Fondwa Clinic, the APF Guest Center and the APF Small Business; 2004 – University of Fonwa, Haiti’s first rural university and only university in Haiti offering a degree in veterinary medicine.
    Father Joseph’s most recent endeavor is the Father Joseph Network, which is an umbrella organization bringing together all the entities he founded to make an even greater impact. Father’s presentation will focus on his work to form Local Development Committees (LDCs), which he believes is the real long-term solution for building a bright future for Haiti. He believes that our twin parishes in Haiti can form these committees and bring about the change needed to transform Haiti.

  • Zoom 26Mar2024 - Mr. Patrick Eugence, solar & technology

    We had a wonderful presentation on our Zoom Gathering earlier this week by Mr. Patrick Eugence, founder and CEO of DigitKap. He shared with us his company's work to bring solar and technology (specifically Starlink) to Haiti. Patrick was born and raised in Haiti and later went to the U.S. to study computer science at James Madison University. Patrick entered the workforce in 2011 after graduating college, but he always knew that he wanted to start his own business and also be part of Haiti’s positive change and growth. While working, Patrick simultaneously launched his technology company in Haiti, DigitalKap. After completing many computer lab installations Patrick observed the deep need for solar energy, particularly in conjunction with technology. Patrick committed himself to becoming an expert in solar energy, receiving specialized training in the field and developing an immense portfolio of solar energy clients and projects, including international church partners and organizations. Over the last 13 years, under the leadership and vision of Patrick, DigitalKap has grown to be a leading, powerful force for solar energy in Haiti.
    You can watch the session on YouTube by clicking on the video below.

  • Zoom 29Feb2024 - Dr. Sue Carlson, Fundraising

    Many thanks to our good friend and fellow "parish twinner", Dr. Sue Carlson for her excellent presentation last week on fundraising for parish twinning. We had 105 people registered to attend the Zoom, with about 65 actually participating, so it was a topic of great interest!
    We conducted a poll during the Zoom, with some interesting results:
    1) Over the past few years, our fundraising results have - increased (62%) or decreased (38%)
    2) Our pastor allows us to fundraise in our parish - Yes (95%) or No (5%)
    3) Our committee raises significant funding outside of our parish: Yes (24%) or No (76%)
    4) Our committee has been successful getting grant funding: Yes (26%) or No (74%)
    Click here to VIEW
    Passcode if needed is $*Z07t6m (after the "Z", that is a zero).

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