“Together, we can do great things.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta 

Collaborative partnerships are vital to PTPA and our twin parishes. When we collaborate with one another, we learn and discover more effective, sustainable ways to address poverty in our twin parish communities.

PTPA works in collaborative partnership with a number of like-minded Catholic and Christian organizations to offer valuable services and enhance support for our twin parishes.  Click on our Partner links below to learn more.

  • Since 2020, PTPA and Food For The Poor have worked in collaboration on food distribution to twin parishes. FFTP recognizes that PTPA twin parishes are effective partners in achieving their mission to address food insecurity in impoverished communities. FFTP offers this special program periodically when matching donor funds and adequate food supplies in FFTP warehouses are available. Once the launch of a new distribution is announced, US parishes can sign-up and make donations, which are then matched and enable food supplies to be distributed to the poor in their twin parish communities. Watch our news and calendar of events for the next food distribution schedule.

  • In partnership with RHF and Small Farmholders Association (SFA), PTPA parishes can initiate a Community Twinning, which allows them to participate in agricultural based grassroots community development efforts. Through Community Twinning, community development programs which have proven to be effective can be replicated in other communities to effect meaningful change and improve lives.

    In addition, PTPA participated in a special initiative led by RHF: Haiti Covid-19 Preventative Response (Haiti-CPR). This initiative was a collaboration of a diverse group of NGOs, faith groups and a national healthcare support program. The goal was to arm organizations that support Haitian communities with the tools to help those communities minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Many PTPA twin parishes participated in this life-saving initiative.

  • Through its collaboration with USCMA, PTPA has access to USCMA leadership, missionary communities, missionaries, missions and the rich missiological tradition of the Church. Through its programs and services, missionaries accompany one another, grow their capacity and spirituality for mission, and explore ways to collaborate in mission. USCMA’s vision is a missionary Church where all missionary-disciples discern the mission the Lord has called them to embrace.

  • In 2020, the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development urged Catholic Bishops around the world to help ensure WASH (i.e., clean water, sanitation and hygiene) in all Catholic health care facilities. The Dicastery also made an appeal “to respond to the desperate need in some of the health care facilities serving in isolated or impoverished areas...” This appeal led to the creation of the Catholic WASH in HCF initiative. PTPA is working in collaboration with Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA), Water Engineers for the Americas and Africa (WEFTA), and other organizational leaders involved in the initiative to determine the best way to enable PTPA twin parishes to become part of this crucial initiative. This topic will be addressed at the 2022 PTPA National Conference in Nashville, August 26-28. 2022 PTPA National Conference in Nashville, August 26-28.
    • For more information about the Vatican Dicastery WASH in HCF initiative, click here: WASH.
    • For information about CHA, click here chausa.org.
    • For information about WEFTA, click here wefta.net

  • Other Water Collaborations

    PTPA has working collaborations with several organizations to ensure potable water in remote communities. These include Gift of Water, Water with Blessings and Unlocking Communities. For more information, visit the websites for these organizations.