Being Twinned with another parish can be fun and challenging. 

Through participation in this Membership Portal we hope that you will find answers to questions and helpful advice.

Who Can Participate In The Portal?

Anyone who is a Member of the Parish Twinning of the Americas organization and has Subscribed to the Portal as described below.

What Is The Process For Subscribing to the Portal?

New users can request an invite to the Portal by creating a free account through the Login button on the upper right hand side of this page. You will receive a Verification email to your registered email address. 

*If you do not receive a Portal Verification email within 48 hours, please check your spam or junk folder to ensure that the invitation email was not automatically sent to one of those folders.

After creating your Login account, you can access the Portal resources AND, if you like, you can arrange to have resources you find valuable added to the library. 

If possible, we would love it if you could donate $100 or more to help support our mission to help impoverished parishes in Haiti and Latin America and grow the network of support for our Twinned parishes. Click here to log in and donate.

As a member of PTPA, you will have unlimited access to an enormous library of resources to enhance your parish twinning relationship. Over more than 40 years, more than 300 parishes have gone on a twinning journey and have allowed for the creation of most of the resources that you will encounter on your own journey, whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned pro. The collective wisdom of many years of experience will be available to you as you come alongside your twinning colleagues from all over the United States.

Please contact us at if you do not receive an email invitation after submitting a request.

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