Parish twinnings are solidarity-based partnerships, which emphasize relationships of mutual understanding, respect, and equality.  Financial accountability is essential to achieve mutual trust in parish twinning relationships. US parishes must be accountable to their parish/donors by ensuring that funds are used appropriately for agreed-upon purposes.  Likewise, twin parishes must be transparent and accountable in the use of funds they receive from their US twin parish. 

Funds sent to your twin parish may be for general purposes, or you may wish to designate the use of some or all the funds.  Typical examples of designated funds include: a specific project at the church or in the community, funding for salaries of teachers and medical staff, and supplies for schools and medical clinics. 

Twice a year, PTPA will request financial reports from both you and your twin parish, and you will receive a copy of a translated report. This process will allow you to verify that funds were received and used for agreed upon purposes. This shared information helps to establish good communication and accountability and encourages continued interest and support.

Our Program is available to you with guidance and direction as a resource, an intermediary, a sounding board, or to generate ideas.